Knock Knox (2009)

by Hyperknox

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Demons find out where you are There are not so many places you can hide You know it’s yours the name they’re calling You know they’ve got a problem with the way you’re dolling up You’re screaming out “Buy me I’m for sale and I’m off a 21 percent" Teach me anything Before you get my hopes to run aground At least tell me your name So I cant stop to wander all around I pretend that I want The other half of my soul to reunite But I’m searching for a face Just to get me through another night I wish I was smarter, to put a thought inside your head Begins only with chit-chat, then it ends up in my bed Future’s brighter, if you just opened up your brain Don’t look at me as if I were a monster Get upon this roller coaster Are you feeling nervous? Am I being cool? Do you have any objections? Am I overruled? I wouldn't lie to stick with you (you don't want to know) I never actually said love I’m moving faster trying to reach the other side And somehow I’m not frightened anymore I’m learning magic tricks to show you you’re alive You find newer reasons to ignore me Time might stop or it may flow Yet I’m not exactly sure ‘bout where to go I know it’s your scent that I follow I know the time has finally come to face the tide I’m giving up I’ll get into your nest But I want my 21% off
Please forget the reasons (why) you're upset let's forget this while we can there's nothing I can do but make you cry there's nothing I can even say... Faith should’ve grown but it's somehow never shown Paranoia suits you well If you could see, the problem is not me I’m chasing butterflies in hell Take me there! How much can you take back? (You) waste your breath At least I'm trying Take me there! I can't believe it's time to go home... This talk is dead, but there's so much more I dread The pain you deal can turn me on When all is said I feel I clear my head I'm heading back to where I belong Take me there! How much can you take back? (You) waste your breath At least I'm trying Take me there! I can't believe it's time to go home... An overdose of thinking And now we're bound to sink breathe in an eye-blink Hold on But if we stop to think Our egos start to shrink And our thoughts in sync Move on
En el lado equivocado del río Suelo mirar a la nada Apretando mis puños Todo pasado fue mejor Presente - interrogación Las respuestas se alejan mientras yo este en el lado equivocado del rio... Nunca hay donde mirar Ni un alma que estrechar Es tarde para pensar Todo pasado fue mejor Presente - interrogación Las respuestas se alejan mientras yo este en el lado equivocado del rio... 200 millas de casa Muchas más de una respuesta Nada puedo cambiar Mientras yo esté en el lado Equivocado del río...
How many times have you laid in love, in chains? you let yourself burn it leads you not to care You don't fight, you let it happen lies, sometimes desire you never learn... You know, sometimes she names autumn, house, kids, glory, a valley... She never pushed rewind didn't find you bleeding half-awake don't say she lives in a song forever, ends up better 'cause you don't heal "If chance is using me then it won't hurt" How many times does your head say "Get out, love is dead and hollow"? She'll wake up too late Because you're going any Sunday night And yet, you doubt "should I even be here? you don't need this it won't hurt" “If chance is using me then it won't hurt If chance's a shadow make it burn me letting you be reborn...”
In 35 minutes I'll be willing to show my face I'm pushing my limits and deep inside I know I can I wanna show I'm alive (it's a chance to) 'cause nothing here seems worth the ride (rearrange your) except her eyes (rights to stay and) they're a doorway, a ticket to (leave your wrongs) the other side... (aside...) Run for your life all the signs I'm giving, but all I'm receiving are dimes it's not enough to show my will to survive How can I explain to you in a way you understand? Some things could be simpler if we keep it underground ok, I'm willing to try (it's a chance to) the time is here, the place is now (rearrange your) the dance began (rights to stay and) tonight we'll do the old one-two (leave your wrongs) but then you're gone (alone...) Every time you're near I tend to lose control And my self-esteem wakes on the bathroom floor I waste my time Time to wait now Time to hold your fire Run t-t-towards the light I thought I was leading, but I'm just a part of the crowd (she's so strayed now) And tonight All the signs received are lost Every time we're lost we crawl to find the way And when the lights are on, in dreams is where we wish we never stayed Time to wake did never come Time to wake up, time to break the tide
I don't know you, Mary to be sincere, sometimes I get freaked-out when we dance You sabotage our marriage 'cause though I hit the spot I don't please you every night I try to leave you satisfied of me Everyday, although I die. You're the lead, you're every sign for me shall we seal a perfect time? Oh-oh-yeah


released July 30, 2009

JM Drangosch - bass/vocals
Oliver Knoxville - guitar/vocals
Rami Pereyra - drums/backing vocals

Produced by Hyperknox.
Recorded and mixed by Juani Molina & Hyperknox.
Mastered by Ezequiel Morfi.

All songs written by Hyperknox except "Equivocado del Río" by Maxi "Preacher" Bovero & JM Drangosch.

Artwork by Mila Martorelli.


all rights reserved



Hyperknox Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hyperknox es una banda new wave de Buenos Aires, Argentina, que condensa su estilo fusionando el sonido del nuevo rock inglés (Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys) con la energía de bandas punk americanas (Ramones, Green Day), haciendo hincapié en las armonías vocales e incorporando arreglos electrónicos. ... more

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